Introduction to Corporate Governance

By Charlotte Valeur
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Charlotte Valeur
Charlotte Valeur
Governance Instructor

About the Instructor

GGGovernance and Global Governance Group were both founded by Charlotte Valeur who has more than 35 years experience in the finance industry and has served on boards from an early age.

She started working as a professional Independent Non Executive Director in 2007 and founded Global Governance Group, a governance consultancy . She serves on the boards of a number of listed and unlisted companies and has chaired  a FTSE250 company.

She is passionate about governance and about increasing levels of governance globally. To that end she conducts board reviews in person and through BoardMetrix, an online board review tool which she co-founded. She is a public speaker on corporate governance and founded Board Apprentice, a global not for profit organization focusing on board diversity. She works with governments, regulators, stock exchanges, academia, businesses and global investors to increase levels of corporate governance.


Our corporate governance training course provides delegates with an understanding of key governance debates and principles and offers practical advice on how to achieve best practice.

The high level principles of good corporate governance are the same for all companies and organisations around the world. Board work and decisions should be based on common sense and not made to be unduly complicated.

The governing body might have different names such as Chamber, Board, Council, Ruling body, Committee etc. but the high level principles of good governance remain the same in our view.

Our governance courses are created with this in mind and is relevant to all boards globally.

It explores the key governance frameworks including board structures, roles and committees, stakeholder engagement and risk.

Who is this course for?

Existing and aspiring directors/board members, company secretarial and compliance staff, lawyers, accountants and other professionals who require an understanding of corporate governance best practice. Some prior knowledge of business administration , accounts and corporate governance codes is assumed.

Course Content?

This course consists of eight modules that are designed to teach you practical implementation of best practice corporate governance

The Course is created using a board review questionnaire. In a board review boards are asked questions in all relevant areas of corporate governance. During the different modules we talk about each question with examples of why it is important to focus on those areas of best practice.

  • Module one - Directors Information
  • Module two - Directors Personal Review
  • Module three - Strategic Board Review
  • Module Four - Workings of the board
  • Module Five - Risk management and control
  • Module six - Cyber Security Considerations
  • Module seven - Performance Management
  • Module eight - Shareholder and Stakeholder Communication

Why us?

Our definition of "best practice" leans upon the UK Code of Corporate Governance, global investors expectations and preferences and our own experiences working directly with a variety of boards.

We constantly communicate with governments, regulators, academia and investors globally to keep our knowledge up to date.

This course may be eligible for CPD

Course Contents

16 Videos
1 Quiz
1 Text
3.0 hrs